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Vision: A unique touristic artisanal destination, offering a wide variety of Bahraini made products by independent craftsmen under the theme “Hand Made with Love”

Mission: Our aim is encouraging national entrepreneurs and empowering them by developing their creativity and innovations through offering a positive venue to increase their visibility and allow public access to purchase and interact with the design and art community as well as supporting them to create and grow a business.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce & Labour Fund “Tamkeen” have come together to support and encourage Bahraini entrepreneurs and associated institutions in realising their full creative potential through participation in “Plus 973” programme which is a part of the ‘Wehda Wahda’ campaign.

The programme, one of its kind, aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and community participation of young Bahrainis in creative activities within an institutional set up. The programme enables the participants to enter the business with confidence and also provides an environment of mutual trust and learning from each other. The programme provides an opportunity to young Bahrainis to develop creative products under their own ‘Brand’ and market these through common participation in a permanent exhibition. The products range from paintings, sculptures, artifacts to fashion clothing and home furnishings.

Development of human resources and creative skills amongst young Bahrainis is a priority both for Ministry of Industry and Commerce & Labour Fund “Tamkeen” and it is hoped that this innovative project will lead to strengthening of community bonds at the same time building the business confidence of young entrepreneurs.

The Social Reconciliation National Project “Wi7da Wa7da” The Social Reconciliation National Project “Wi7da Wa7da” (One Unity) is the product of the collaborative efforts between all ministries and national institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2011. And today, this initiative stands as a testament to the creative partnership and cooperation between the Kingdom and its young entrepreneurs to promote a favorable culture of entrepreneurship and enterprise, illustrating the success of the mother project “Wi7da Wa7da”.

Launched in December 2011, the Campaign is comprised of three strategic phases for implementing a diverse breadth of innovative programs that have been instrumental in fostering widespread community participation.

The Social Reconciliation National Project “Wi7da Wa7da” has developed a broadly themed set of cultural, educational and recreational projects that build on the country’s core values of kinship, creativity and collective endeavor.

These programs have helped create compelling new paradigms that articulate Bahrain’s emergence as a driving force, set to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. As a result, “Wi7da Wa7da” has established a winning range of schemes and strategies that provide life changing experiences and opportunities to hundreds of Bahraini citizens across a wide spectrum of cultural, geographic, and socio-economic divides. We promote a culture of participation, communication, diversification and innovation – a community of national stewardship and initiative.

We aim to unite the people of Bahrain through a variety of activities and diverse programs to create awareness, understanding and inclusion. The creative entrepreneur project +973 Artisanat is one of the initiatives of “Wi7da Wa7da”, and it is under the supervision, followup and support of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and Labour Fund “Tamkeen”. And today, it’s in its second and succesful phase that promotes the economical national projects. We are proud of the support provided by the Kingdom of Bahrain to the entrepreneurial citizen.


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<p>Annual Festival top notch</p>

Annual Festival top notch

"Annual Festival top notch" Event took place on 3, 4 & 5 Dec 2017 opening was under the patronage of her highness Shaikha Nayla bint hamad Alkhalifa. Event hosted famous Bahraini and Kuwaiti entrepreneurs. Akbar Alkhaleej and BNA newspapers covered the event and had it published, event showed a lot of response from different sectors of the Bahraini society and was huge success to Artisant +973.
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Bahrain National Day

Bahrain National Day

After a U.N. survey and the withdrawal of British troops that had been stationed there, since Bahrain was a British protectorate, independence came on August 15th, 1971 However, National Day is celebrated on December 16th instead because, on that date, the first Bahraini king was coronated. The history of Bahrain preceding 1971, however, is long and complicated. It was first the site of the ancient Dilmun Civilization. Then came the conversion to Islam and a period of Arab rule in the 600’s A.D. Next, in 1521, the Portuguese took control, followed by the Persians in 1602 and the Bani Utbah clan in 1783. During the 1800’s, the British gained influence that ultimately amounted to control. Even after the British left, however, a treaty of friendship was signed. In recent years, there has been unrest among some in the Shia population due to the regional “Arab Spring,” but no serious threat to the regime has yet emerged. In 2013, however, during Bahrain Tamarod, which means “Bahrain Rebellion,” peaceful protests calling for an end to monarchical rule and various democratic reforms erupted during National Day celebrations. This movement was connected to the Arab Spring that had swept Mohamed Morsi into power in Egypt. The government arrested some and cracked down, however, and the movement now seems to have fizzled out. National Day celebrations are very long and widespread in Bahrain, extending through the entire month of December and including a wide array of events in every part of the island. There are fireworks displays, impressive lights shows at night, colorful decoration of public monuments, flags set out all along the highways, folk dancing and singing, carnivals, “air parades,” heritage shows, and numerous speeches praising the accomplishments of of Bahrain and its citizens. Also on the day, in a show of his generosity, the King is accustomed to pardon a number of prisoners. Events Thus, there is a month-long celebration of freedom and patriotism in Bahrain every December, and events are nearly endless. Some specific events to attend, however, include the following: The Fireworks show in Hananiya Park. The explosion are truly spectacular, and there will also be a National Carnival in the park named Eid Biladi, meaning “My Country’s Festivities”. There is also often a 10-minute-long fireworks display by Al Estiqlal Walkway. It is free to attend, and there are usually games for kids, clowns, folk dances, and free Bahraini flags distributed. The Aerobatics Air Show in Muharraq. The pilots do various stunts for an hour over the nearby beach. This is only one of several such “aerial parades” and air shows to be seen during this time. The Governorate School will typically put on a student-performed operetta at Budaiya Beach. You can also expect there to be other family-oriented events and competitions taking place along with the operetta. Should you be in Bahrain in December, you can experience how a “very patriotic” nation intensively celebrates its existence for a full month straight. The difficulty will not be in finding something to do but in selecting the best events and keeping up the pace.
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Shaikha Mai Al-Otaibi

The one and only artisana in Bahrain. Come to visit and enjoy our cutting-edge, ecclectic collection- our mix of goods where Bahrain meets Western craftsmanship and design.

Our aim is encouraging national entrepreneurs and empowering them by developing their creativity and innovations through offering a positive venue to increase their visibility and allow public access to purchase and interact with the design and art community as well as supporting them to create and grow a business.

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